Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fantasy Throwdown Update

I'm sure you've all been waiting with bated breath to find out who won the Fantasy Throwdown we described to you a few weeks ago. The flood of emails demanding to know the results has been overwhelming, so here you go, the results.

Sadly, Yahoo! won't let us look at the actual matchup results from week 1, so all you get is the score. JMC "Daddy's got a Zikpah" won 82.74 - 51.38 over Zach "The Pink Tacos." Willie Parker's 24.90 points might have had something to do with the lopsided score. So there you go. JMC won. Zach owes him a beer. By the way, Zach, loser buys the winner a beer. We made that bet. You might not remember it, but it happened. Trust me.

Oh and for those with inquiring minds, Zach is now 0-2 and in last place. Loser.

[Editorial note:] Derek Anderson can eat the inside of my asshole, thanks.


rstiles said...

Maybe if Anderson did in fact eat the inside of your ass, maybe you can take a better dump...

GMoney said...

Derek Anderson has sodomized me in TWO leagues so far. I was wondering why people were laughing at me for taking him in the 5th round.