Tuesday, May 20, 2008

NBA Lottery! (Exclamation point!)

We feel like we're bad sports fans this time of year: we couldn't get into the NBA playoffs if every game came down to the last shot and every series went seven; we're only a quarter of the way through the baseball season; and college sports aren't exactly relevant in May, unless the NCAA Women's Softball Tournament does it for you.

But today is the NBA Lottery, which we will get (and already are) very excited for. The only better use of ping pong balls is throwing them into beer-filled cups.

Miami's odds are the best, with Seattle also having a pretty legit shot at the top pick in June's draft. Although the Warriors missed out on the playoffs, there are five silver linings, coming in the shape of five bouncy balls. (Complete odds list here).

Common logic right now has Miami taking K-State's Michael Beasley, but NBADraft.net has the Heat going with Memphis' Derrick Rose and the Supes taking Beasley. Holy moly! Beasley and Kevin Durant together in Seatt...err...Oklahoma would be nuts!

So yeah. Ping pong balls! If that doesn't get you excited, don't forget about the NBA Lottery Drinking Game.


The Big Picture said...

I think that game might need some updates.

Dr. Dawg said...

I'm going to point out that it's a very exciting time of year for crew. The Husky Men just swept the Pac-10s and are still ranked #1, plus, haven't lost in two years. The Cal women's team is also ranked #1.

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