Monday, May 05, 2008

Barbaro's getting laid tonight!

We don't mean to be callous, insincere or disrespectful; seeing that filly break her ankles and be put down after a fantastic run in the Derby dampened a bright day at Churchill Downs.

But after the brief "horse racing is cruel to animals" thoughts, our next reaction: there's gonna now be some pussy for Barbaro up in horsey heaven.

It's just the way we think. We try to make light of situations that probably shouldn't joked about it. A horse was fucking beaten by an elf, ran a helluva race, and then collapsed. Why is horse racing still mainstream? Where's PETA during all of this?

But it all comes back to Barbaro. May he and Eight Belles find happiness together, somewhere, someplace.


Joel said...

You can actually send a message to the Kentucky Horse Racing League through PETA's web site:

Chris said...

I am not a racist... Just a politico.

Okay, last week Hillary kept comparing herself to 8 Belles Like, she's a long shot who finishes strong, ect.

Anyway, when 8 belles finishes 2nd what is the first thing I think?

Who is the only horse to beat her!?!?

Big Brown!!!! Wow.

You write the narrative.

Then they killed her for losing.

GMoney said...

When I saw this, I immediately thought of TBP. It's amazing that you are synonymous with horse deaths, Zach.

JMC said...


Be careful buddy. Don't lay it on too thick. You and I both know that girls like it when the guy plays hard to get. Maybe act a little pompous - I mean, you did WIN the Derby after all, and she only came in second. Play your cards right and you'll be in business my friend.

Anonymous said...

Your post has got me thinking (inappropriately albeit) that before Barbaro was put down, they should have donated some of his sperm for breeding purposes. And Eight Belles ova? Chyeah. Talk about ultimate horse breeding.