Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wake us up when it's Bobcats-Clippers

Yawn. When the Spurs finally took out the Hornets the other day, we rolled our eyes. When, oh when, will the NBA have the parity that has made MLB and the NFL so fun to watch in recent years? Spurs again? Lakers again? Pistons again?

Let's review. The Spurs or Lakers have been Western Conference champs nine of the last 10 years, with only the Mavs breaking through that one time. Surprisingly, they've only met head to head in the Western Conference Finals once during that span, so that makes this matchup at least a tiny bit interesting, but not really.

Detroit has been in the Eastern Conference Finals for six straight years and frankly the act is getting boring. At least we haven't seen the Celts this far in a while, but we're talking about a team with SIXTEEN NBA titles. Second to them? The Lakers with 14. In fact, the final four NBA teams are 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th, on the list of most titles all time.

We're ready for something new. Where are the Hawks, and the Raptors, and the Grizzlies? When do the Knicks finally get good? Why the hell can't the Nuggets win with Melo and AI? Oh well, once again we'll have the same damn teams in the NBA conference finals. Wake us up when it's over.

And another thing -- what's with all the anti-Celtics sentiment? Are they a particularly unlikeable team? Or do people just like to root for the underdog? Fuck Boston? At least they're not the Spurs.


Ryan said...

i would guess that the guaranteeing of large contracts to players who aren't that good can tend to weigh down a team for longer than in football, where teams can simply trim off the fat of bad contracts. also, in the spurs case, it is easier to hold onto a good nucleus of players in basketball than in football. as for the longterm winning trends (lakers, c's, pistons) i have no idea.

GMoney said...

Why the hate on Boston??? The real question should be how can people actually like that team and the city that they play in.

JMC said...

yeah ok i get it, people just are sick of seeing Boston win everything. got it.