Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Sonics would be better off moving to Chernobyl

According to this list, wonderfully titled "Hells on Earth," Oklahoma City ranks ahead of the likes of Baghdad and Chernobyl as one of the top five worst cities in the world.
While it may be all hunky-dory on the musical front, Oklahoma City isn’t the kind of place you’d want to hang out in for too long if you like to keep your feet on terra firma. The weather is frighteningly unpredictable, with blizzards often descending on the city and winds that could knock a high rise clean off its feet. It is, after all, located in the direct path of “Tornado Alley.”
So, yeah, Kevin Durant is going to be blown away by a tornado.


GMoney said...

Was the #1 city Boston? Newark? Pittsburgh? Detroit?

JMC said...

they're gonna have to change the name of the team, right? what a joke. OKC is an absolute compared to Seattle*. Seattle is a fuckin great city and it's ridiculous that they are gonna lose their team. so anyway, what are they gonna call them now, the Twisters

*this is purely conjecture. I have never been to OKC.

chuchaba said...

Call them the OKC Bombers