Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Guns don't kill people, drunk idiots kill people

By now we're sure you've all heard about the Yankees fan who ran over a group of Red Sox fans, killing one of them. Not that we really want to make light of death two days in a row, but, well, you gotta do what you gotta do.

This further proves our longstanding credo: Guns don't kill people, idiots kill people. And in this case, drunk idiots.

There are two lessons that can be learned from this tragedy. One, don't be a drunken idiot. Two, don't take sports so darned seriously. Rivalries are supposed to be, ya know, fun. You're supposed to give your buddy a good natured ribbing, and point out that their team is inferior. And if you're a Giants fan, you can always make the point that, well, every time a Dodger scores a run, an angel has its wings ripped off by a demon. You're not supposed to kill each other.

This lady took things a little too far. And let's face it. We see this much too often. People getting into fights outside stadiums or in bars, little league coaches berating their players or an umpire, stampedes outside of soccer games, or Ozzie Guillen losing his fucking mind. Chill out people, chill out.

Of course, there may be another side to this story. Maybe she was a little tipsy, and thought she was the driver, and the Red Sox fans Kobe Bryant, filming a commercial. She thought wrong.

And now she has a Band-Aid on her nose.

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GMoney said...

How dare that Red Sox fan mock Ghost Whisperer!