Thursday, January 18, 2007

Stephen Jackson puts the G back in Golden State

We haven't been this excited about the GSW since the days of Run TMC. No need for Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullin...err...there is a need for Chris Mullin now! Warriors just cleaned up!

Mullin, now the Warriors GM or something important like that, just pulled one of the most, "what the fuck were the other guys thinking?" trades we've seen in a while. The Warriors gave up two overpriced, white boys with long hair for two ass-kicking guys, one whom likes guns, strippers and shooting things. Ike Diogu was also involved in the trade. And somebody from Lithuania.

Best. Trade. Ever. Golden State of Mind, our trusted source the two times per season we think about the Warriors, agrees.

"Actually, let me phrase that as a question- you just traded for the softest frontcourt in the entire league? Ike better work out for the Pacers or this trade is going to look like highway robbery. Walsh and Bird are going to get a lot of Xmas cards next season from Warriors Nation."

We'll tell you this much:

1. We're going to stay away from Bay Area strip clubs when home for the holidays. Don't want a run-in with Mr. Jackson.

2. When the Kings come to the Oakland Arena -- whatever it may be called these days -- we plan to go. Ticket: $20. Beer: $7. Getting our ass kicked by Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson: painful. But priceless.

We're once again almost proud to root for the Warriors. They are our home team after all. Trading away this, for this...well, that's robbery, which, coincidentally, may soon be on Jackson's resume.

In other Warriors news: Colt Brennan has changed his mind and will remain at Hawaii in order to "do it with a girl from every island."


Anonymous said...

Over/under on Jackson getting busted for something in an Oak-town strip club = 1 month.

That kind of highway robbery by the Warriors ought to be illegal in 48 states.

Anonymous said...

2 things

Stephen Jackson isnt causing GSW's He is one. Stupid Humor

And most importantly My sister is one the Warriors dance team. Im very concerned for her safety

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

kickers, if you're sis is on the warriors dance team, we need to take a Big Picture field trip to meet her...

Anonymous said...

I actually thought the Pacers got the better end of this one... the Warriors did well to get rid of the albatross contracts, but I don't really like what they got back. Harrington is solid, but Jackson has not been good on or off the court this year.

And Ike Diogu has been very productive when he's played this year, he just hasn't gotten minutes in Nellie's system... going to be interesting to see how everyone plays for their new squads.