Thursday, January 18, 2007

Michael Vick is hiding his weed in a freakin' water bottle

Sometimes stories are just too inherently funny to try to spice up. This one, involving everybody's favorite herpes-spreading quarterback Michael Vick, would fall in to that category.
Michael Vick reluctantly surrendered a water bottle to security at Miami International Airport that contained a residue "closely associated with marijuana," police said Wednesday.

The Atlanta Falcons' quarterback entered a concourse Wednesday morning at the airport with the 20-ounce bottle. He eventually handed it over and boarded his flight to Atlanta. But his initial reluctance to turn over the bottle aroused suspicion among airport security screeners, a police report said.

The bottle was found to have a hidden compartment that contained "a small amount of dark particulate and a pungent aroma closely associated with marijuana," the report said. The compartment was hidden by the bottle's label so that it appeared to be a full bottle of water when held upright, police said.
Really, not much to add to that. Michael Vick was trying to smuggle weed in a fucking water bottle! That's just awesome! Wonder what Vick had in his carry-on bag. Four-foot bong? Blowup doll? Venomous snakes?

Vick, always good for a laugh, is just furthering his reputation as some one with a bad reputation. It's ambitious to try to sneak some drugs on a plane; we'll give him that. But in a water bottle? Make sure it's at least three ounces. C'mon Mike, aren't you up to date with the new TSA rules?


Anonymous said...

Been there, man.

NFL Adam said...

I was get on a plane, and then I got high...

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