Wednesday, January 03, 2007

More on the fiesta at the Fiesta Bowl

Think we're done talking about Boise State's exhilarating win over Oklahoma Monday in the Fiesta Bowl? We're not even close to done. (In fact, we've discussed this game with everyone from our friends to grandmother).

With all the talk Monday around the web, major media and the water cooler, we feel like we need to give some more thoughts about the epic game.

Those thoughts being that this is hands down the best game we've ever seen. In any sport. Ever. This is just our opinion -- we'd love to hear yours -- but there's nothing that beats this. Why?
  • The ending speaks for itself. The teams combined for 22 points in the final 86 seconds of regulation. There was more trickery than a fucking magician. The Broncos go for two -- like you expected anything else at that point -- and the win.

  • Big stage. BCS game is just about as big as it gets.
  • Underdog story

  • A few responses to your likely rebuttals, if you will.
    • The Play (Cal vs. Stanford..."THE BAND IS OUT ON THE FIELD!") is a wonderful ending, but doesn't have the big stage that this game had. And it was a miraculous play. Not game.
    • Some have said that last year's National Championship game was the best college game ever. We'll say Vince Young had the best individual performance in bowl history. But the game itself -- take away the big stage -- is about an 8 out of 10.
    • Folks on Around the Horn and PTI (yes, we watch Around the Horn) called Boise State the George Mason Story. We call big-time bullshit. Boise State was undefeated and beat a two-loss OU squad. George Mason was an 11-seed and won four damn games! That's upset central. The Fiesta Bowl was a minor upset, at best.
    We'll also add that BSU coach Chris Petersen had the best coaching performance we can remember. The play calling, the way he handled what was likely to be a crushing defeat after the pick-six, everything... Big fucking ups to Petersen. Game ball goes to him.

    And for everyone referring to the TD that sent the game in to OT, it's called a hook-and-ladder. Not lateral. As for Ian Johnson proposing to his cheerleader-girlfriend, yeah, give that shit eight months.

    So folks, sound off. We're calling this the best game we've ever seen at any level in any sport. Please leave your thoughts in the comments. If you want to call us crazy, great. Just prove us wrong. We look forward to it.

    And here's the recap of the crazy finish in Glendale, Ariz., just in case this post makes no sense.

    In other bowl news:
    Louisville beat Wake Forest 24-13 despite Tim Duncan's double-double.


    Anonymous said...

    The play is known by both names.

    NFL Adam said...

    Boise State is a winning program. This was just a case of the BCS giving the team a proper shot. I still can't talk about this game enough.

    JMC said...

    agree with anonymuous. If you llok at the post I wrote after the game you'll find a link to the wikipedia entry titled "hook and lateral" that talks about why it's also called the "hook and ladder"

    Anonymous said...

    My career advice for Petersen would be to stay at Boise State. Why leave just so you can get fired by a "major" school in four years?

    Zach Landres-Schnur said...

    interesting about the hook and ladder (lateral) truck, huh. woody paige mentioned that on Around the Horn, but I just thought he was sniffing glue again.

    thanks for the heads up anonymous and jmc.

    Anonymous said...

    I think it matters as to Whether you want Big vs little or The Good Guy vs the Bad Guy.

    What about Penn State vs Miami?

    Anonymous said...

    That was a great game

    Anonymous said...

    "It is called the hook-and-ladder by people who cannot speak english" - Wikipedia.

    JMC said...

    well, woody paige may have invented that while sniffing glue, and then gone to wikipedia and edited the page so it looked like he was right.