Tuesday, January 02, 2007

BCS Party

After a lively night of this, here (thanks Shaps!), we settled in to the couch ass groove yesterday for national veg-out day and enjoyed the first round of BCS action. Some thoughts from the first two games:

The first half of this game was one of the most boring 30 minutes of football we saw all season. Both teams' offenses looked like the Raiders, and all we had to get excited about was a pair of field goals and the roses that the USC Song Girls were sporting. After the intermission everyone's hangover seemed to get better and USC decided to roll Michigan. Anybody still think big blue belonged in the title game? How much worse must USC feel about shitting the bed against UCLA now? After seeing Booty and Jarrett light up the place like a menorah, we're thinking our Niners could use a new WR in the upcoming draft.

This game was on Fox, which means we were tempted to watch it with no sound. Hearing Thom Brenneman call a BCS bowl game was like stabbing chopsticks through our brain. All the remaining BCS games, including the national championship, are on our favorite network, meaning we might not be mentally whole by the end of the week. As for the game, the boys from Boise proved themselves worthy of a big time bowl, and we look forward to laughing at all the press suggesting they should be considered for the national title. "But they're undefeated!"

All in all it turned out to be an unbelievably entertaining game. Strange sequence on that two point conversion by Oklahoma. And then... OH MY GOD they ran the hook and ladder!!! On 4th and 18!!! And then there was overtime!!! Are you serious?!?!? The Statue of Liberty play on a two point conversion to win the game! That took balls. Big giant rock hard steel balls. It's just a shame that Joe Starkey of "the band is out on the field!" fame wasn't behind the mic for this one. And then the player proposing to his cheerleader girlfriend on national TV? Bizarre. Only on Fox.

Well, it sure was an interesting start to 2007. Let's hope the rest of the bowls are just as fun.

In other news: Zach turns the big two-three today so let me be the first to wish him (and Adam) a very Happy Birthday.

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