Monday, January 08, 2007

It wouldn't have been a Romo fuckup without Jordan Babineaux

Picture shamelessly jacked from Kissing Suzy Kolber

Tony Romo has understandably taken all sorts of heat these last few days. A steady hand since his first start, that hand got slippery on one play and it cost his team another game at the least.

But while everyone's quick to place the blame on Romo, the Seahawks' Jordan Babineaux isn't getting enough praise. Despite the fumbled snap, Romo appeared to have a clear path to the endzone that would have turned him from goat to hero faster than you can say "Carrie Underwood touched my balls." But Babineaux came from nowhere to make a great, season-saving tackle for Seattle, and dammit, the man should get some props for it.

We would have liked to been the first to hate on Romo. We thought he was getting tongued far too much early on, and the fact that he's been rumored to be plugging up some hot girls just doesn't seem fair. But to place a loss on any one person stings. No matter who it is. Guess that's just our nature. Even if Jeremy Shockey fucked up in a horrible way, we'd probably feel a bit sorry for him. And Shockey's a guy we find ourselves rooting for to get hurt.

It's hard to find anyone else to blame but Romo -- the guy biffed hard, sure. Rather than looking at Romo as the goat though, perhaps it'd be better for everyone if we look at Babineaux as a hero. People like heroes, no?

And don't worry. Once Romo gets over this game, he'll still find his way into the pants of some foxy Texans soon. More celebs? Eh, maybe Tara Reid. Hear she'll do anyone.


insomniac said...

"It's hard to find someone else to blame but Romo."

I'll help, then.

How about Terry Glenn, whose fumble while up seven led to 8 points for the Seahawks?

How about the Dallas defenders, who dropped at least three interceptions that I can think of?

How about the Dallas coaches, who stayed conservative w/ the playcalling (no doubt to try to protect the defense) despite the fact that Jason Witten was open all day?

And for any conspiracy theorists out there- How about the refs giving Seattle a couple of gift pass interference calls that you normally don't see in the playoffs, while Seattle was only flagged 3 times for 15 yards?

So there was plenty of blame to go around. Really, it's amazing that playing that poorly of a game, the Cowboys were still in a position to win.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

as always, nicely said, Insomniac. maybe seattle got some make up calls from last year's super bowl. or something like that...

ChicagoTom said...

It's hard to find someone else to blame but Romo.

I dunno man...why is your starting QB holding for kicks?? I thought that was the job of the backup?

I know, I know...Romo has been the holder for over a year now...but still. Once Romo became the starter, the job of holder should have been Bledsoe's (it's not like he is doing much to earn his keep these days)

Since they aren't taking reps with the first team, they would have more time to practice holding and have a clear head while kicking