Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Can people not named Jessica please stop sucking Tony Romo's nuts?

Enough of this crap. People seem to be calling Tony Homo the savior in Dallas, as he is 3-2 in five starts and just helped the Cowboys take down the previously unbeaten Colts.

Please. Just look at his numbers, people! In Dallas' big win, Homo threw for 226 yards, 0 TDs, 1 INT and also fumbled. You call that savior? We call it mediocre at best.

As Deadspin so cleverly wrote,

"Romo's best quality has been his unique position of Not Being Drew Bledsoe; because he was physically able to move his feet without falling down and throw a pass without bleeding, he was the most popular player in town."

Though, they then support Homo for winning the game yesterday. Now, we'll admit it (which will certainly hurt our argument here): we didn't watch the game. The Cowboys, while America's team, are not our team; we may choose to watch re-runs of "Married with Children" before tuning in to a Cowboys game.

But a box score can certainly tell a lot and it seems with decent passing yards, 0 TDs and two turnovers, Homo did more to hurt the team than actually help. Correct us if we're wrong.

We're not sure why such a no-name QB who has been fine, but not anything special, is getting his balls licked in every-which-way by anyone with a decent reputation.

Put Jay Fiedler in a Cowboys' uniform and he'd be the fucking MVP. We're not saying that Romo is such a bad QB. He's winning, which is the most important thing. But he seems to be taking all the credit for a turnaround while his stats suggest anything but.

Oh, and apparently he went on a date or something with Jessica Simpson. She probably licked his nuts too. But, you know, in a different way.


insomniac said...

You're right in your observation that you don't have much credibility since you refuse to watch the Cowboys play. His INT was pretty ugly, but of his other 22 passes in the game, he completed 19 of them. On the season, he's averaging 9 yards per pass attempt and his passer rating is an even 100.0, which is good for 2nd in the NFL. The other thing that's impressive about him is his pass distribution. He gets the top three WRs and both TEs involved in the game.

I agree that he's getting too much hype considering that he's made four career starts. But it's in part because he's such a 'no-name QB' that people have been so impressed with the results.

Anonymous said...

The media loves slurping this guy ... but ... he is pretty damn good. Look at his numbers so far - ain't too shabby.

I'm no Dallas fan but the 'Boys are going to the Super Bowl.

peralta said...

You must be out side of your fucking mind. The cowboys in no way will make the super bowl. This little fag bag will fall apart to pieces in two weeks, ending the hype surrounding his bitch ass.

NFL Adam said...

Romo is playing great for the Cowboys. His composure during the final drive was markedly different from Peyton Manning. Romo actually looked like he wanted to be out on the field. It is no surprise that the Cowboys won that game, and Manning threw away the ball on fourth down.

Jay Fiedler would not do well for the Cowboys. He, like Bledsoe, can't move in the pocket.

Johnny Cakes but not gay said...

What episode of married with children did you watch instead of the game? Ah.. it don't matter they're all great.

Romo sucks. But he's good at football right now.

nuttygecko said...

supposedly he went to lunch with papa simpson. not that there's anything wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

Great analysis asshole. I bet you feel like a bitch now that he has turned out to be a great QB! Do us a favor and quit evaluating talent, because you suck at it. It was obvious from the beginning that he was better than Bledsoe, just as Tom Brady was, and it was obvious he had game to anyone with a pair of eyes and half a brain. So, great job there. Terrell Owens was calling for him for weeks last season until they finally put him in there. The big Tune took forever to pull the trigger on that one.