Wednesday, February 01, 2006

To pass the time when you're trying to pass your kidney stones

There are some really, really great blogs out there. And they don't get enough press unfortunately (well except for Deadspin, those media sluts). While you've been reading Pulitzer Prize-winning posts here at The Big Picture, there are some other wonderful sites out there that will make you laugh, cry and may even tempt you to strangle someone -- like Sean Locklear's girlfriend perhaps.

Here are some awesome sites I've been reading. If you like 'em great. If you don't, you're evil. But if you like their stuff more than mine, well, we may then have a bit of a problem.

Joking. Just joking.

The Hater Nation - featuring NFL Adam and the rest of the cast of The OC.
Deadspin - led by commander in chief, Will Leitch, who has been prostituting himself to prestige media lately.
The Mighty MJD - what exactly is mighty about MJD is unclear to us.
Insomniac's Lounge - now he has his own domain. Wow! Big time.
The Sports Pulse - all encompassing -- kinda like a heart beat or something.

This post was brought to you by Viagra: gettingJoe Paterno laid at the ripe age of 126.

1 comment:

Benny said...

Good gracious I hope reading my blog won't make the stones hurt worse.

Nonetheless, thanks for the nice words! I'll get those Mexican Pesos to you in the mail right away.

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