Thursday, February 16, 2006

Eddie Sutton takes medical leave, drugs

Oklahoma State basketball coach Eddie Sutton is no longer the Oklahoma State basketball coach.

After a car accident last week, where he was cited for driving under the influence (influence of whiskey is our guess), Sutton, 69, has decided to take a medical leave and enter a treatment facility for alcohol-related issues. His son, Sean, will take over for the Cowboys.

The Mighty MJD, in addition to running a sports blog, appears be diving into fortune telling as well. He saw this coming a few days ago.

It's sad to see a legend in college hoops go out like this. He's coached for 36 years, is the fifth winningest coach in D-I history, and went to two Final Fours with OK State. But, based on his admitted drinking problem, we're not so sure he remembers too many of those 36 years anyway.

Just looking at the picture of Sutton, it appears that the man probably drinks about a bottle of Jack Daniel's a day. And, on game days, he likely takes a few bong rips during warm ups too. You know, for his chronic back pain that was "making it very difficult to coach."

You never want to see someone go out like this, but the Cowboys (3-8 Big-12, 13-12 overall) suck this year. Their best player is JamesOn Curry who carries the nickname "James On Drugs" in opposing arenas. Apparently opposing fans could have created a similar nickname for the coach. But taking a leave will give Sutton more time in his day to relax and to perhaps start fucking around with some hard drugs.

In other news: The Trail Blazers fined guard Sebastian Telfair on Wednesday after a loaded gun was found on the team's private jet. Telfair says that he planned to use the gun to "hunt quail."

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