Thursday, February 23, 2006

The best student sections

Our former employers at SI On Campus have come out with a list of the top-10 student sections in college basketball.

Normally we wouldn't give a shit about this, but our very own Washington Huskies clock in at #8 in the country. Also, the douche bag who wrote about the Huskies' Dawg Pack is this guy we kind of know and is mind-blowingly handsome.

We won't publish the list, because that's, well, probably illegal, but check out the link above.

Looking at the compilation, we had some gripes with it, aside from UW not being #1, of course. For instance, Rutgers is #7 on the list. Until now, we didn't know that Rutgers actually had a basketball team.

Florida comes in at #5. Why? Not too sure here. But we do know that their court looks like something the fucking Harlem Globetrotters would play on.

Naturally Duke and the "Cameron Crazies" were the top student section and pretty much for good reason. A great student section, but it's Duke after all, so screw 'em.

In other news: New York Knicks' GM Isiah Thomas admitted that he traded for Steve Francis because it was the closest thing to actually murdering Larry Brown.

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Dinur said...

Great seeing you make it into SI On Campus. I enjoy the blog (even if you do rip my favorite sport). by the way, I'm going to make my way up to Seattle for a week or so sometime in late March, hopefully we can hang out.