Thursday, February 09, 2006

Sosa may take Nationals' offer, steroids

The Washington Nationals, formerly some shitty team from Montreal, have extended a one-year contract to former baseball player Sammy Sosa.

Sosa has been in the league the last 46 years -- spending the past season in Baltimore -- but we're not so sure if he exactly knows how to, you know, play anymore.

The Nats aren't offering Sosa much in terms of money, but even if he gets less than $2 million, he could still easily afford some performance enhancing drugs.

Let's not forget that the whole steroid fiasco isn't the only thing haunting Sosa's past. He also does some funky kissing routine before heading to the plate. Weird. (Oh, and he corked his bat once).

Sosa is expected to take some time making his decision and retirement is certainly an option for the former slugger. If he decides to retire, perhaps he could start a political career or follow in his pal Mark McGwire's footsteps and do...ugh...

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Greg said...

He's had some berry bad years, hasn't he?

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