Wednesday, February 15, 2006

SI Swimsuit Issue causes boys everywhere to go gay

In the spirit of Valentine's Day or something, Sports Illustrated came out with their annual swimsuit issue yesterday.

Ours came right on schedule and we took a quick peek and were not particularly entertained. The women opted to leave their tops at home this year and went with their hands and flowers as coverage instead. That was kinda cool, we suppose.

But the SI Swimsuit Issue just isn't the same anymore. It's not so much that the quality has gone down, but the competition has gone way up. Magazines like Maxim, FHM, Stuff, Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, Cheri, Barely Legal, Hot Asian Bitches, Bimbos doing Broncos, I Can't Believe They're Allowed To Publish This Crap, and Backdoor Blondes have nearly rendered the swimsuit issue useless.

It's still a thrill for young boys whose parents subscribe to SI. It's not like it's easy for an 8-year-old to get porn, but for the other folks out there, seeing Molly Sims in a $30 million bikini isn't all that worth while when you can hop on your computer and see chicks being naughty with animals.

Hell, you could always go look at Jenn Sterger and Friends for free.

Norv Turner Update: It's late on Valentine's Day and our main hombre, Norv Turner, still has a job with the 49ers.


JMC said...

what about "I can't believe it's not Porn"?

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