Friday, February 03, 2006

Racially-insensitive? Nah

What in the name of Carmen San Diego is going on with PR people in the Bay Area?

Yesterday, Golden State Warriors' media-relations dude Eric Govan was fired after he mistakenly forwarded an email entitled "Ghetto prom" to newspapers, radio stations and TV networks. The email contained 17 pictures of African Americans dressed in outfits ranging from skimpy to slutty to prostitute.

Govan said that the email was only supposed to go to his wife and he sent out an apology email approximately 20 minutes after "Ghetto prom" hit the corner. (The fact that he intended to send the email to his wife brings up all sorts of other issues, which will be a campfire story later down the road).

This latest mishap comes in the wake of Kirk Reynolds, the former PR/porn director of the San Francisco 49ers, being fired last summer for making an in-house tape that made fun of asians, mocked the mayor and rivaled any good, old fashioned porno tape. (The tape is so provocative -- yeah, provacative, that's it -- that the San Francisco Chronicle makes you swear you're 18 before you watch it).

We're not sure what it is about the Bay Area and racist emails and naked videos, but perhaps it has something to do with the governor of California being the fucking terminator. Just a thought.

Oh, and apparently there are some steroid issues still floating around in the Bay too. Great place to raise children. Sex, drugs and scantily-clad prom dates. What a wonderful world.

In other news: Ephiphanny Prince scored 113 points in a high school basketball game Wednesday and subsequently slept with 20,000 women.

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Benny said...

Oh goodness what a prom. Thank goodness I didn't go to that school.

I looked at those pictures and now I'm scarred.

Hey drop me an email sometime. Can't find yours here. And definitely tell me if you hear any FHM scoop that the writer couldn't write about.