Sunday, February 19, 2006

Different jersey, same results

Nate Robinson is the biggest little guy playing in the NBA. The 5-9 guard (who is more like 5-7) straight outta the revered University of Washington has made history by beating the shit out of three other NBA players who are nearly a full foot taller than him.

Nate was, well, great. He had a good bounce pass to himself to start the festivities and then, for the grande finale, he didn't jump over a thoroughbred like we suggested earlier this month, but he did jump over Spud Webb, who, like Nate, is hung like a thoroughbred.

Now we're not big fans of the NBA. We could list off many reasons why we think the NBA is comparable to orthodonture, but we'll save you the time, energy and anger. But our boy Nate (who, on a dark and gloomy day two years back offered us some popcorn while we interviewed him) is really the only reason we know that the Knicks are having a tough year and, frankly, the only reason we know what the fuck a Knickerbocker is.

When Webb was asked about what it meant for Nate to win the dunk contest, he said, "He doesn't know what he did tonight. He made history. One day he can tell his kids about this."

Thing is Mr. Webb, Nate probably did tell his kid about it. Being the stallion he is, Nate has a 16-month-old son, named Nahmier. We don't have it on paper, but sources say that Nahmier is bigger UW Huskies' fan than Knicks' fan.

Smart kid.

Nate was awarded $35,000 for his victory. He plans to save some of the money and spend the rest on brand new Husky gear for Nahmier.

In other news: U.S. skier Bode Miller missed another chance to win a medal in the super-G after he failed to make a proper turn and instead headed for the nearest bar.

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