Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Nate Robinson to be in dunk contest

That's right folks. Our boy Nate "The Great" Robinson, straight outta thee University of Washington, is going to beat the shit out of dudes a full foot taller than him in the NBA dunk contest Feb. 18 in Houston.

Robinson, who is listed as 5-9, is perhaps 5-9 with a nice pair of pumps on. He is more like 5-7 and change. On a rare day some years back, I was actually doing some real life reporting, (reporting? what the...?) and I spoke with Nate. Being a daunting 5-10, I was able to actually look down on him...literally, not figuratively, of course.

So our boy really isn't very tall, but he plays big, acts big and probably is hung like a fucking thoroughbred.

Robinson will compete against defending champ Josh Smith, Andre Iguodala, and fellow rookie Hakim Warrick. He will likely destroy them all because his heart is the size of his, well, whatever's hiding under those shorts.

The payout will probably allow Nate to buy some new high heels too. The winner of the contest gets $35,000 while a participant could pull a Chris Andersen -- go high as hell to the event and miss the entire fucking basket -- and still get $16,000+.

For his first dunk, I want to see Nate get fed an alley-oop by former Husky Curtis Allen (see photo above) and for the grande finale, I want to see him jump over a thoroughbred en route to a reverse jam.

Yeah, go basketball and go Nate!

In other news: Last night's State of the Union address was given by none other than Reggie Bush.

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