Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

As turkey, stuffing and buckets of alcohol infiltrate Big Picture land, here is a list of things we're thankful for:

-Barbaro's chopstick-like legs

- Shaun Alexander, Jeff Garcia, and Adam Archuleta (to name a few). If not for them, we wouldn't be able to post pictures of their dick-hardening lady friends and pass this off as a sports site.

-The keys U, K, C, F.

-A mute button. How else to avoid Joe Buck, Tim McCarver, Stuart Scott, Woody Paige, (breath), Mark May, Terry Bradshaw, Dan Fouts?

-Jenn Sterger. Who knew poking fun could be so enjoyable?

-Our wonderful commentors. Sure, we'd like more, but our small group of them -- namely JMC, Mini Me, Insomniac, NFL Adam, Twins 15 and Benny -- are much appreciated.

-The NFL Network. If not for it, we'd be stuck with two of the worst fucking NFL games imaginable today.

-Chicks who work in sports.

-College sports. Without them, our couch would not have a defined ass-groove formed on Saturdays.

-Orthodonture. Otherwise our teeth may look like Michael Strahan's.

-Our job. Half of the posts you read are written on the clock. So technically, we are getting paid for this site. Sorta.

-Upsets (if our teams aren't on the short side of them).

-Brandon Roy. Yeah, that's all.

-Goalposts: the center of a great tradition.

-The readers. If nobody was reading, we probably wouldn't be writing. So, yeah, thanks for reading. We appreciate it like you wouldn't believe.

If you like the site, tell your friends, family, pimps, escorts and illegal aliens.

If you don't like the site,

1. Go fuck yourself
2. Tell your friends, family, pimps, escorts and illegal aliens.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


JMC said...

Happy Thanksgiving champ. thanks for the shoutout. can't wait to kick it this weekend.

does that mean you get the NFL network,cause I shore don't?

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

i think i do. it's awesome. but i'll be at robin's. likely driking. heavily.

Anonymous said...

Happy thanksgiving cuz. i also like the keys u,k,c,&f.


Benny said...

Thanks Zack for having a sick and twisted mind.

Anonymous said...
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twins15 said...

your excellent posting makes it easy to be a prolific poster. so thank you for all the excellent postings!

NFL Adam said...

I would like to say that posting on the clock rules!

Be sure to catch our act on AOL soon. Well, that is if Zach can sit still long enough to watch a training video.

Anonymous said...

If I am to be thankful, I too am thankful, as a Blazer fan for Brandon Roy. However we didnt get Roy, without that dumbass Kevin Mchale! THANKS KEVIN. youll be Fired soon.