Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"Bobby Bowden's Short Term Memory"

A touching interview with Florida State coach Bobby Bowden reveals that he isn't so great with the short-term memory.

Bowden attributes it to age. If age is a euphemism for "piles of reefer," we couldn't agree more.


Benny said...

Why would FSU want to get rid of Bowden? I loved every minute of their 30-0 loss to Wake Forest. I even watched it just to see how worse FSU could do in the final moments.

This has everything to do with me being a Florida Gator fan.

Keep Bowden alive!

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank god the idiot son resigned today.

Can Papa retire now and then they can bring back Mark Richt? Please?

Mini Me said...

Bowden had a great career but it is nearing that time...