Monday, November 13, 2006

Big Ten fans will never have to leave the couch again

Coming to a TV set near you, the Big Ten has announced that it will have its own TV station -- a 24-hour television network -- cleverly titled the "Big 10 Network." It will launch in August 2007.

For some reason Fox has a minority ownership, which will surely make the new network as enjoyable as an evening with Joe Buck.

"The Big Ten Network will carry many of the games and events previously available only through syndication, providing greater exposure for these and other Big Ten sports. The sports programming on the Big Ten Network and/or through alternative Big Ten Network platforms will include, but is not limited to:

  • 35-plus football games, with each school having at least two games aired (at least one of which will be a conference game);
  • At least 105 regular-season men's basketball games;
  • At least 55 regular-season women's basketball games;
  • Big Ten championships and tournaments;
  • 170 Olympic sporting events; and,
  • Coverage from the conference's vast library of historic sporting events, including bowl games.
In addition, each school will have the right to provide 60 hours of its own content annually."
Each school gets 60 hours of its own content, huh? Well, what exactly does that consist of?

"We anticipate this will create enormous opportunities for journalism, film and other academic programs and provide the ability to highlight academic achievement throughout the universities," Big Ten commissioner James E. Delany said.

Is this the chance that Penn State's been waiting for since the 1970s to film behind the scenes action of Joe Pa?

It's really too bad that Maurice Clarett isn't still at The Ohio State. Just imagine Mark and Linda from Video 1 thinking they could go follow Clarett around and have their video aired as part of OSU's 60 hours of "own content."

But instead of Mark and Linda getting a good story for the Big Ten Network (and perhaps Jenny getting some backseat-nookie with Mo), they get some loaded guns, a bulletproof vest, and a bottle of Grey Goose. Imagine Clarett's latest mishap being aired live as a documentary or something. That'd be incredibly tight.

Mainly this new network will just be a way for the Midwest schools to get some more exposure. Surely sports fans on the West Coast are begging to see a regular season football game between Indiana and Northwestern.

But hey, expanded coverage is rarely a problem. Unless Pam Ward is calling the action. Or worse, Fox broadcasters. AAAGGHHH!

In other news: After losing to the Bears 38-20, Giants coach Tom Coughlin announced that, "The Bears are kinda who we thought they were, but not really."

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twins15 said...

"In some ways the Bears were kinda what we thought they were, and in other ways they weren't really what we thought they were. It really varied."