Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hide the men and children; the women are on the attack

Nothing says youth sports these days like brawls, riots or fire arms.

Youth hockey fans in Rome, New York (hmm, misleading name for a city, no?) got a bit out of hand Tuesday. During the game between 13- and 14-year-olds (13 and 14!), a brawl broke out in the stands resulting in an injured man and the arrests of two women.

A guy named Raymond Pink, who undoubtedly has (or had) a career in the Adult Film Industry, got his skull fractured. And two women, Christin J. Wilbur, 34, and Diann M. Williams, 40, were arrested.

Ok. Stay with us for a second. This gal, Christin (minus 2 for the fucked up spelling), is 34 and she's at a game of 13- and 14-year-old hockey players. Either she's an older sister, a very young mother (she would've given birth at age 20 or 21), a woman who's down with statutory rape, or she's an outsider. (Dun dun dun... -- that's how you write scary music, by the way.)

Wilbur, who's from Ohio, started this mess in a small New York town? Seems like a ways to go to watch some little kids skate.

Our theory? We're convinced Wilbur is an Ohio State alum and got pissed she couldn't flip a car or ignite a couch in Columbus, so she came to New York to start a brawl. Zero holes in that logic. None.

There apparently was a fight on the ice before the brawl in the stands, so the kids aren't out of the woods. The article mentioned the team names and we were hugely disappointed to find out that the teams weren't the Mighty Ducks and their archrival Hawks. We hate the Hawks! Bunch of savages.

(Big ups to reader Kickers_Suck for the tip).

In other news: Michael Vick was fined $10k for flipping the bird and will donate another $10k to a herpes charity of his choice.


Peralta said...

Ha, i live about 10 minutes away from Rome in Utica, and Rome is nothing but pieces of shits. Some whore was probably ringing here fucking cowbell at a hockey game and deserved to get slapped.

Anonymous said...

I am a father of a player and I was there--- the woman from Ohio was not the instigator--- it was a bonified classless hillbilly woman from Rome--(which is the norm there) Here is out how it played out...FIRST she got in a fight with a woman from her own team --then some random man-- THEN she attacked this woman from Ohio- the Rome police know her by name!!!! third time (the Rome police say) that she was involved in such an event!!! Its total bullshit that the Ohio woman is getting the blame here- I am certain she didnt asked to be pushed down the bleachers punched in the head and to have gobs of her hair pulled out by this LUNATIC- This woman is definitely a few medical precriptions away from normality--Can anyone get her some HELP????