Friday, November 17, 2006

The A's better have some good PR people

Ever since making the ALCS, things haven't been so sugary in Oakland. The A's got swept by the Detroit Tigers, then fired their manager (that was more of a pro than a con, by the way), lost their third base coach to a division rival, decided to move to Fremont, may lose slugger Frank Thomas, and now have named a new manager.

Yeah, the fun continues for the A's at the managerial position. After firing Art Howe, Oakland hired Ken Macha. And after canning Macha's ass, they hired another fun, exciting, young mundane coach: Bob Geren.

Geren is the A's former bullpen coach and spent the 2006 season as the bench coach. This guy just screams "boring." Just look at the picture. You'd need to drink four margaritas and take a few lines just to be able to get through a conversation with him. A guy like Geren shouldn't be coaching baseball. He looks more like a guidance counselor whose biggest enemies are the clock and his wife.

Boring seems like a prerequisite to be the A's manager these days. When applying for the A's managerial job, the applicants probably have to go through a written form.

Those who mark the little boxes for "White," "45-55 years old," and "Republican," get the most consideration.

Of course, these series of events don't exactly have A's fans thrilled. A close friend of ours who eats, drinks and sleeps Oakland A's baseball had this to say:
"I hate the A's right now for moving out of Oakland, letting Ron Washington leave, letting Thomas leave, hiring Bob Geren's cracker ass to manage the team, and having even a remote interest in Barry Bonds. Boo, boo, boo."
Cracker ass. Hey, it fits the mold.

In other news: Ironically, the Thursday's Backyard Brawl didn't involve a team from Florida.


Dinur said...

I'm kind of ambivalent about the move to Fremont (would have gone to games one way or the other if I stayed in SJ), but I hate the fact that Beane has such a huge fucking ego that he won't hire a guy who knows baseball well (Washington) because of different philosophies (Washington preaches small ball). Beane's great with moves regarding players, but his managerial hiring record leaves a lot to be desired from this A's fan.

JMC said...

Beane doesn't hire managers. He hires puppets to sit on the bench and execute Beane's gameplan. If you have a mind of your own you won't be A's manager.

Anonymous said...

If you become the headcoach of the A's, your really just a bench coach with Billy Beane doing all the work

Mini Me said...

That is crazy that you covered it. Did you attend the game? It must have been such drama.