Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Now that's how you celebrate a big win

Bryant prefers to be tied up, thank you.

Things in San Francisco were all uppety (adj. feeling good; swell; erect) Sunday after the 49ers beat the Seahawks.

In fact, wide receiver Antonio Bryant was so uppety he decided to take a little joy ride Sunday night. Bryant was arrested on reckless and drunken driving charges after his Lamborghini was seen speeding faster than 100 mph on a freeway.

Ocho Uno, naturally, was uncooperative, as he refused to step out of the car and was verbally abusive. He probably called the cop a fucking porker and threatened to bang his wife.

The article elaborates,

"The officers were forced to use leather restraints to put Bryant in a seated position with his legs straight and his hands cuffed behind his back."

Kinda like an S&M flick. Cool. Win a football game, drive unreasonably fast after a few too many Zimas, and then get tied up.

Sounds like an uppety day.

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