Sunday, September 03, 2006

Jeff George and Marcus Vick, we hardly knew you

There are some reoccurring favorites here at TBP. We will talk about the S.S. Love Boat whenever, wherever possible; We like to think we're somewhat mature, but we can't help but discuss what female sports personalities we would do; And there's Barbaro. Ah, that fucking horse.

We also really like Jeff George and Marcus Vick. They're just the butt of endless jokes. And now, with the most recent NFL roster moves, we're like kids on Christmas morning: we can talk about George and Lil' Mexico in the same post!

Both were released Saturday -- George by the Raiders, Vick by the Dolphins -- and will now look for new homes. This is really too good to be true. Perhaps they'll wind up on the same team. Now that'd be something.

Though we'd rather them start some organized crime ring. We know that organized crime isn't exactly Lil' Mexico's thing, but shit, it's never too late to start.

George doesn't exactly strike us as someone who has the brains to pull off an intricate crime, but again, it's never too late to start.

We would just love to see these guys be partners in crime -- literally -- and then they'll make a movie. That'd be wonderful. Really, just wonderful.

Or they'll play in the CFL, which would also be appropriate. George looks half-Canadian anyway, and apparently drugs are easy to come by up there, which would make Vick a happy, happy man.

In other news: The Phillies' Ryan Howard hit three homers Sunday and will now appear before Congress to discuss his involvement with illegal substances.

Note: We'll be away until Tuesday or Wednesday morning on a little road trip, so this is your Labor Day post, a bit early. Ironically, it's about two people who are now unemployed. Funny how things work out.


insomniac said...

The Dolphins signed Marcus Vick to the practice squad. Vick should have plenty of free time to run a drug cartel while he's down there in Miami.

Mini Me said...

Marcus Vick will be good one me.

Anonymous said...

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