Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday Morning Bloggerback

Thoughts on NFL week two (and maybe even some college football as well):

- What a comeback by the Giants against the Eagles. Guess there's more to Eli Manning than just the name.

- Roy Williams sure made himself look smart this week. After guaranteeing a victory over the Bears, his Lions put up a whopping 7 points in a drubbing by Chicago. Apparently he also said that in their first game it was stupid how close they came to scoring 40. Maybe Roy wasn't a math major, 'cause 40 is pretty damn far from 6 on the number line. Looks like he should have waited until this week to make any guarentees, seeing as how he'll be facing the Packers next Sunday.

- Two words about two highly regarded football teams: OVER-RATED!

- A familiar sight in San Francisco on Sunday, as a wide receiver wearing number 81 threw a temper tantrum, then made the opposing defense look silly. Definitely a good week to be a Niners fan.

- Looks like T.O. will be going back to spinning class.

- Nice game by Louisville on Saturday. And no, is not up yet, but this is!

- In most cities, kids play a fun playground game called SPUD. We hear that in San Diego they call it STUD.

- Let's see, Mario Williams: 2 tackles, 0 sacks, Houston at 0-2. Reggie Bush: 68 receiving yards and the Saints are 2-0.

And finally:

- We hear that the line in Vegas now has the over-under for Raiders wins this season at 1. We're taking the under.

-Jameson Costello

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twins15 said...

Reggie Bush is something else... he could be top 10 in the NFL in receptions this year.