Friday, September 01, 2006

It's College Football; ass-grooves get ready

College Football is in the air. That means tailgates, male cheerleaders and, oh, football.

The season kicked off last night with a few games, headlined by an SEC affair between Mississippi State and South Carolina. Two high profile coaches were on the sidelines -- South Carolina's Ol' Ball Coach and MSU's Sylvester Croom, who some in Starkville, Miss. may dislike because he's bla...err...he was a subpar 3-8 last season.

Not only do we now have an extra sport to keep us busy, but the ESPN personalities that have been in hibernation for six months are back in a big, bold way. Mark May still has a goatee, Trev Alberts still is stupid as a brick wall, and Lee Corso -- "not so fast my friend!" -- is still delusional. (He's picking Cal to win the National Championship, by the way. Hey, he coulda picked Washington).

Saturday will feature a full slate of games for your ass-groove forming pleasure. We plan to break in a new part of the sofa as we're molding the shape of our rock-hard butt while watching college football from 9-9. (Pacific Standard Time, as always).

It's a great time to be a football fan. And with so much up in the air this year, your team (even if you go to Temple) may have a shot at something big. As for our team, well, their shot at something big may be double-digit losses.

In other news: David Wells was traded from Boston to San Diego Thursday because Red Sox personnel claimed Wells was too heavy for the team plane.


twins15 said...

I love college football... but Louo Holtz is just painful to listen to. I mean, he's like 150 years old by now, isn't there anyone else ON EARTH that they could find??

JMC said...

I believe we're still in pacific DAYLIGHT time

JMC said...

hey zach, have you seen this?

JMC said...

hey zach, have you seen this?

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

ya, i saw that. funny shit over their at Kissing Suzy Kolber.

Anonymous said...

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