Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Karl Malone has been doing some strange shit

A man that strong could really do some damage to an elk

Karl Malone, the former basketball player for that Utah team, well, he's back in the news for some weird stuff he did a while back.

Aside from the polygamy that he likely got into while playing for the Jazz, he has been accused of offering a bribe.

And why is he bribing somebody? To take the blame for an illegal elk hunting trip.

Get right the fuck outta town. Elk hunting, huh? Karl Malone? Um, ok.

Pretty strange for a guy like Malone to go elk hunting. And frankly, why is it illegal? We believe all hunting should be against the law, but what set elk aside from birds? Hell, if Malone wanted to do some illegal hunting and pay some dude to cover it up, just put a fucking bullet in Barbaro. That'd shut some people up.

We don't exactly see Malone in retirement just going out elk hunting all the time. We imagine he's more the type to frequent a bordello. But whatever. It's his time, not ours.

In other news: The New York Islanders signed goalie Rick DiPietro to an NHL-record 15-year contract when it was discovered that DiPietro was only 14-years old.


Mini Me said...

I thought Malone only hunted "Little Mexican Girls"

NFL Adam said...

Dude... Mini Me, you stole my joke! Funny stuff, guys.

Anonymous said...

You guys are stupid. First; this was a dumb story to get started with in the first place and second; Malone has done almost as much for conservation as he's done for basketball...I'm glad he's spending his time doing something productive rather than just wasting it with "Little Mexican Girls"...tard

Fullercpcu said...

I thought Malone only hunted "Little Mexican Girls"