Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Apparently money can buy you happiness

At least that's what TO's publicist seems to think. In the aftermath of the Terrell Owens "yes he did, no he didn't" attempted-suicide incident, Kim Etheredge, TO's publicist, said "Terrell has 25 million reasons why he should be alive." The 25 million she's talking about are, of course, the 25 million bucks the Dallas Cowboys agreed to pay Owens to break his hand and try to kill himself catch touchdowns and lead them to a Super Bowl.

Now the last we checked even rich people could be depressed. But heck, if money really does buy happiness, point me to the nearest Lotto dealer.

Don't-hate-me-for-writing-this-post disclaimer: Suicide, attempted or otherwise, is a very serious matter and not something to joke about. I believe TO when he says the incident was not a suicide attempt and I thought the quote from his publicist was funny. Maybe not so much funny as sad that she would think that just because the guy is getting 25 million that it would cure any problems he might have.

-Jameson Costello


Mike said...
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Mike said...

Since it's not a suicide I have no problem saying that this is just a ploy by TO to piss off fantasy football owners accross the country.

Anonymous said...

This is odd--my blog and yours both saw fit to include Disney characters whilst discussing the suicide attempt that was Definitely Not A Suicide Attempt.

As for whether it is funny or not, well, I for one think that while suicide is not funny, I think the covering up of a rather obvious suicide attempt is hilarious.

"I keep my pills in a drawer". That's funny, dammit.