Monday, September 11, 2006

Monday Morning Bloggerback.

Lots of moving, road-tripping, and inconsistent internet access for the BP crew, so just some thoughts on the first NFL Sunday:

- Those Mannings sure can make good commercials. Did you see that one with Archie? Oh, and they played a pretty good game against eachother also.

- Speaking of Sunday Night Football, that "Rock Star" thing on NBC has got nothing on the ol' Horse Trailer.

- Domanick Davis out for the season and Reggie Bush goes for 141 total yards in the opener. Wonder how the fans in Houston feel about Mario now?

- The 49ers' Larry Allen and Jonas Jennings are both knocked out, and are questionable for next week. Is there a curse on the Niners offensive line? We can't remember the last time SF had a healthy OL. Oh wait, yes we can.

- The Patriots win on a safety? Lame?

- 3 words: Should have retired.

- This was way better than this. Why fix what ain't broke?

- Two Monday Night games? What is happening to the world?

Back with a full post tomorrow.

-Jameson Costello


Mini Me said...

The Patriots got so many calls, it was crazy. It was like D-Wade was wearing cleats.

twins15 said...

That sound you hear is Texans fans trying to stick their heads into an oven.