Friday, September 29, 2006

No in-season firings. Boo.

What the hell? It seems every year -- some years more than others, of course -- that MLB managers will have a terrible team/attitude/case of the shits and get fired in the middle of the year.

Well baseball fans, that can't be said this season. Remarkably there were no in-season coaching changes in the bigs. (We think. Please correct us if we're wrong).

Though maybe there should have been. The Royals' Buddy Bell, for example, is leading a 100-loss campaign.

Jim Tracy is doing a real bang up job in Pittsburgh, driving the Pirates into the ground.

Eric Wedge wins "Underachiever of the Year."

There was speculation that Dusty Baker would get fired in Chicago. Well, he hasn't yet and the Cubs are still fucking terrible.

It's kind of refreshing not to have coaches getting canned. It's bad for the clubhouse, bad for the fans and probably kind of shitty for the coach who got the axe. Changing the coach mid-year won't likely help a team too much either; a bad team is still going to be bad.

Surely some coaches won't be back next season, but not too much shakeup this year. Strange.

And while we're on the topic...

Norv Turner Update:
Still in as the 49ers offensive coordinator. But we did find this cool picture.

In other baseball news:
The Mets' Pedro Martinez will miss the entire postseason after breaking his hand while attempting suicide.


Benny said...

Great observation. I guess it happens so often we just assume someone did.

twins15 said...

I'm still surprised Dusty Baker lasted as long as he did... no level of incompetence that won't be tolerated, I guess.