Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Reignman must be making more kids

Shawn Kemp -- notorious for letting his dick loose -- had a planned workout with the Chicago Bulls Monday.

And surprise, surprise he didn't make it. He likely won't get a second chance.

Now what was the Reignman doing instead?

Well, take a walk today. Get some fresh air. And while you're doing it, take a glance at a woman you see -- any woman, really -- age 12-57. If you see one, the chance that she has carried one of Kemp's babies is really pretty good.

The man has fathered more babies than total points he's scored. Really, the guy's a mess. He also gained some weight and smoked/sniffed/possibly injected some drugs.

So we suppose it's sad to see Kemp not show up at his workout. Getting him back in the league would really be just great for all parties. And it's probably cheap of us to constantly use the same old jokes with him and his kids -- a few of our readers (and perhaps one of our writers, JMC) may be loosely related to Kemp, in fact.

From now on it's nothing but support for Kemp. Maybe he'll come back and play for Isiah and the Knicks. That'd be fun.

In other news: The New Orleans Saints sold out their season after it was revealed that Drew Brees' birth-mark has monetary value.


JMC said...

yeah, I admit it. He's my daddy.

Mini Me said...

How did Kemp miss it? What a moron.