Thursday, September 28, 2006

Jenn Sterger knows it all

We all know by now that's Jenn Steger (painful to say, by the way) has got all the answers. And we mean all the answers.

But the real question is who the hell are the guys writing to her? These guys are either:

a.) Desperate for sex
b.) half-retarded
c.) all of the above

We'll go with "C." These guys are morons among fucking morons. Jenn Sterger knows one thing, take that back, two things. And that is how to gain attention in the Florida State bleachers, and a good doctor to enhance her tits.

We've touched on Jenn and her ignorance plenty. Though we've never ridiculed her fans and emailers, which, really, is remarkable.

We're not out to haunt Jenn and beat her to shit, but really, if these guys are writing in to her mailbag, they might as well find her at a bar, say, "Do you come here often?" and leave with their dignity below their morality.

Yeah, pretty pathetic. But hey, Jenn's all about the Subway Series. So, yeah, go New York.


Mini Me said...

Yea but she is can't deny that.

Mini Me said...
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JMC said...

if she wasn't Zach wouldn't be constantly writing about her.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

yeah, don't get me wrong, she's hot as hell and i'm be down to run through that...but her credentials as a writer are a bit suspect.

JMC said...

she's got credentials. two, big, beautiful, silicone filled credentials

Anonymous said...

Is she more or less credible than Bill Simmons?

twins15 said...

From Bill Simmons chat Wednesday:

Bryan, Arnett OK: Sorry i was away for awhile i had to read Jenn Sterger?s Mailbag

SportsNation Bill Simmons: that hurts

Benny said...

I can't stand fake women plus using massively disgusting implants to get a writing gig. Seriously the people who do email her need to get a life or how about take 35 pain pills.

NFL Adam said...

Sorry that I missed that shot in the Sports Dork chat, but there was no chance I was reading that crap.