Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday Morning Bloggerback

Thoughts from a mildly entertaining Week 3 of the NFL...

- Sucks to be Chris Simms. Lose the game (26-24 to Carolina) then lose your spleen. And who says quarterbacks are over-protected in the NFL. Wait a tick, we do! The irony is that there was no personal foul call on the play that likely cost him his organ.

- Simms is likely done for the year. What a break for Tampa (0-3).

- Chicago's 3-0 and Rex Grossman's the quarterback. Thank you, Robbie Gould.

- The Colts beat the Jaguars. Why again did people think this would turn out otherwise?

- Bill Cowher must've popped some blood vessels in his head yesterday. Pittsburgh coughed up the ball and then the game. Big win for Cincy in the Steel City.

- Seattle (again) is the team to beat in the NFC. New York (down 42-3 after three quarters) looked more like the Little Giants.

- And Jeremy Shockey acted like one. "We got outplayed and outcoached," Shockey, who mistook Tom Coughlin for Rick Moranis, told the Associated Press. "Write that down." We just did, dipshit.

- Being in the Northwest market, we were stuck with Seahawks coverage until the clock reached 0:00. B-O-R-I-N-G. Take us around the league, dammit. But FOX is way too smart to think of that. We missed a pretty exciting ending in Arizona.

- Mark Brunell: 22 straight completions against Houston. And Mario Williams was the pick? Reggie Bush probably could've broken up at least one pass.

- Denver officially has New England's number. And Jake Plummer is no longer Mountain-Man Jake. New look. Very chic.

- Brett Favre throws TD No. 400. Still spells name funny.

- Sunday's "add injury to insult" performance: Philly's Mike Patterson returns a goal-line fumble 98 yards for an Eagle touchdown. San Francisco's Frank Gore (strained abdomen) and Vernon Davis (cracked bone in leg) injured on the play.


twins15 said...

Yeah, looks like Simms may be pretty tough after all. They lost, but he led them to take the lead with a ruptured spleen. Wow.

JMC said...
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JMC said...

glad to see I've started a new feature. Here's hoping the bloggerback is a weekly fixture. Also, I think the new look is supposed to be "chic" not "sheik"