Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Here come the Tigers. Roar!

So remember when the Detroit Tigers were 2-10 on April 13 and were like really fucking lousy? Admit it: You don't, 'cause that was a long time ago (we don't either; we have the memory of an Alzheimer's patient).

If your memory serves you better than it does ours, you'll recall that the Tigers were a season-worst 12 games below .500 on June 6 at 24-36.

Things have gone more swimmingly of late. Sheesh, they've only lost four games since then and just won their sixth in a row after knocking off the Twins last night. They've gotten over the .500 hump and, at 42-40, sit just five games back of AL Central-leading Chicago.

With such a stacked team, maybe this shouldn't be too surprising, but still: That's a helluva turnaround.

Fun game: The Tigers are 42-40 and five out. The Devil Rays are 50-32 and lead the East by 1.5 games. Who's making the playoffs? Detroit? Tampa? Both? Neither?

Get your Motown on in the comments. Whatever that means.


GMoney said...

Tigers win the Central, Rays collapse.

William Jennings Bryan said...

well said gmoney.

Anonymous said...

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T Dizzle said...

I think the Sox have hit their stride and will win the AL Central