Thursday, July 24, 2008

Great Science Fair Projects

No sports post today. It's not like you guys enjoy sports anyway. And this isn't even a fucking sports blog. Oh. Right. Don't judge us.

We've been on vacation, under a lot of stress (no joke, unfortunately) and our favorite baseball team's roster is unrecognizable. So putting out a sports story today didn't seem like a must.

Rather, we received this hilarious email that was too good not to share. It's courtesy of the website Something Awful, which, ironically, created something brilliant.

Great Science Fair Projects. Begin!

(Click photos for larger, more detailed hilariousness)


GMoney said...

I would definitely stop by the "Things I Shoved Up My Ass" Booth. Wait, no.

Mike H. said...

I like the apparatus that kid constructed to concentrate the methane from his farts.

We should tell NASA about this guy.

Anonymous said...

That was amazing... Thank you.

But what do you mean your team is unrecognizable? There's Dave Roberts!
And are you saying you don't enjoy 1-0 games with the Nats?

Oh, wait. Good call on the science fair project thing.

T Dizzle said...

That post is awesome!

Anonymous said...

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Madeline / alias Detective ThinkMore said...

Awesome fun science fair projects.

Putting aside the jokes, since this is a sports blog how about showing some ideas about sports projects since success in sports is all about physics. Kids love sports science fair projects. By the way,

we have science fair projects science fair contests where kids can win prizes. How about entering one of your sports experiments?

Anonymous said...

Some of those are funny, but some are just creepy. Like the AIDS one, wow. I liked the farts one. Sick and twisted and immature. That's just my style.

Anonymous said...


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