Thursday, July 17, 2008

Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers: Bffs

See, look at them. No funk. No tension. No bad vibes. They're buds. Best buds, even. Though that was when their roles were a little more... defined.

Both Green Bay (?) quarterbacks were at the taping of the ESPYs last night in L.A. We're guessing their conversation went something like this:

Aaron - Hey Brett! [he's upbeat, polite, conversational]
Brett - Hey [he looks away quickly, shy, embarrassed].
Aaron - It's good to see you. Been awhile.
Brett - Yes, it's good to see you.
Aaron - How's retireme...ugghh... I mean...your suit. I like it. No tie. That's hip.
Brett - Thanks. You are not wearing a tie, either. That's hip.
Aaron - You're right [he's starting to feel uncomfortable]...You and Deanna having a nice time in L.A.?
Brett - Yes. We are. It's sunny and I like that. I like that it's sunny here in Los Angeles.
Aaron - Yeah, beats Green Bay.
Brett- Don't talk about Green Bay like that.
Aaron - Like what?
Brett - Badly. Don't talk about Green Bay badly, Aaron.
Aaron - I was just making know what? Forget it. It was good seeing you. Good luck next season.
Brett - See you on the sidelines. Get the clipboard ready.
Aaron - So that's how this is going to be?
Brett - Yep. Put the head set on too.

So civil. They're pals we tell you.


GMoney said...

Be nice, Aaron, you don't want the big, bad legend to get Greta Van Sustern to come after you.

Bokolis said...

Never mind that shit. Did you get a load of Colleen Dominguez?


When she was interviewing Danica Patrick, seeing past Danica's fucked up hairdo...besides hoping that they'd kiss, I'm thinking, those two together, no LITs.

'Melo's broad didn't let him go over by himself...gotta get that pimp hand strong, 'Melo.

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