Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Shea forgotten like an abused child

There’s this other ballpark in New York that is feeling rather neglected after all the hoopla surrounding the All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium this week.

Shea, it seems, is getting the red-headed stepchild treatment, which is to say it’s been neglected and, on occasion, pushed down the stairs. Like Yankee Stadium, it is in its last year, though the media doesn’t really care whether or not you know that. It’s not "The House Ruth Built," they say, but it does have lots of ramps!

Shea is 45-years-old, making it structurally older than the reconstructed stadium in the Bronx which had a makeover in the mid ‘70s. Though that hardly seems to matter. The park doesn’t have the history Yankee Stadium does, or its winning ways, and will have an unspectacular ending by comparison.

So here’s to Shea Stadium, the park that will always sit in the shadow of big brother, Yankee Stadium. We don’t know about you, but we’re gonna miss the shit out of the home run big apple in center. The thing is classic.


Chris said...

As a life long Mets fan, let me be the first to say, "Bon Voyage!"

Shea is a huge sack of crap. Its not even a stadium, its a fucking horseshoe! It's stuck under every flight going in and out of LaGuardia and JFK. It has those shitty neon circa-1980 baseball players on the facade, the outfield sucks, the food sucks, the seats suck. There is nothing special about Shea.

Maybe I'm bitter because every year seems to be a big let down, but at least I can take some solace in knowing that next season I can watch us blow all our chances in a new stadium.

PS: I agree the big apple in center will be missed.

GMoney said...

Mr. Met is a pedophile.

Bokolis said...

Except for the part about the apple, I agree with Chris. I only refer to that place as "The Dump." It's too bad they're not going to blow up that dump because I would have paid them big $$ to push the button.

That said, people are kidding themselves by deeming the joint in the Bronx as a "cathedral of baseball." While it may look nicer, structurally, Yankee Stadium is every bit the dump. It may be a better place to watch a game, but it's filled with Yankees fans, which makes it a humanoid dumpster.

Ditto what GMoney said.

Anonymous said...

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