Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sometimes we're totally wrong

Sometimes we're totally wrong... and this is one of those times. Last week I said that the Braves were in for a change in their luck and they might just start getting some breaks and winning more games, due to the fact that their expected record was a good deal better than their real record. Well since that post Atlanta has gone 3-5, fallen to 49-57, dropped to 8.5 games out of first, and traded away one of their best players.

I took a look at their situation and thought "they could get back in this thing."

They took a look at their situation and thought "sell sell sell!"

They were probably right.


Bokolis said...

Those egghead numbers don't tell you that the Braves look great against the Mets and like shit against everybody else.

To be fair, since the original post, C.Jones and Hudson went on the DL, with Hudson probably done for the year. You can't be called out in that regard.

ATL had to make this move, but they didn't exactly clean up. They got cock and balls for Texeira.

JMC said...

Yeah I didn't mention those guys going on the DL - that certainly made their decision to sell a lot easier

GMoney said...

They need to bring back Otis Nixon.

THN said...

Yeah, spot on there, Zach.