Monday, July 14, 2008

Is Lute Olson losing it?

Arizona Wildcats coach Lute Olson doesn't like Kevin O'Neill, cinnamon, Shakespeare's tragedies, flip flops, rock 'n' roll, CNN, eucalyptus and one-and-done players.
Arizona Coach Lute Olson said Thursday that his program's loss of standout prep basketball player Brandon Jennings to a European professional league had convinced him to adopt a new recruiting strategy.

"It's a situation now that if someone's a 'one-and-done,' we're not going to pursue them anymore, no way," Olson said from his Tucson office.
Perhaps Lute is trying to make a statement on the current rules or he's trying to sink the 'Cats to the bottom of the Pac-10.

Syracuse's Jim Boeheim agrees.
Asked if he too would follow Olson's disregard for "one-and-done" candidates, Boeheim asked, "Are you crazy?
Crazy. Lute Olson is going crazy.


rstiles said...

If Jennings succeeds over in Europe, you will see at least 10 high school players going there for 1 year instead of playing college ball....

GMoney said...

He's also perfecting the Quentin Richardson fists-to-the-forehead maneuver.

T Dizzle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
T Dizzle said...

I think that these one and done players are killing the college game. They should either require them to play three years like the NFL or just go to the pros immediatley

Anonymous said...

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