Wednesday, July 02, 2008

SoCal takes it to NorCal

Those of you who are familiar with California geography understand the divide between Northern California (the Bay Area) and Southern California (Los Angeles). We've always thought they should break up the state like the Carolinas or Dakotas; the two regions are completely different (though they are both on fire right now, so there's that).

Southern California got the better of their northern counterpart yesterday, as the Clippers stole Baron Davis from the Warriors (the Clippers!?) and the Angels beat the A's.

So yeah, tough day for Northern California. But at least it doesn't have smog. Or The Hills.

And that's Benedict Arnold, if you didn't know. He seems somewhat appropriate here, we think.


Anonymous said...

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GMoney said...

Are you saying that Baron is a traitor for going to his hometown?

Anonymous said...

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