Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Well, it's probably a good thing Dan Uggla blew a game that doesn't actually count opposed to, ya know, one that does*

Hate to have a goat in any game, unless, of course, it's Derek Jeter or a Red Sox (Red Sock?). It pinpoints a loss on somebody, makes that person feel like shit, and either he'll not be allowed to touch his woman again or he will be too upset to.

And Dan Uggla was that goat Tuesday. It's too bad, that in a game that has zero implications for Uggla (unless Florida somehow makes the World Series, which it won't, making this parenthetical sentence superfluous), it had such a big stage for him. All-Star game. Yankee Stadium. Extra Innings. As far as exhibition games go, it was definitely a noteworthy one.

But if Uggla hit in to an inning-ending double-play in the 10th and then had back-to-back errors in the bottom half of the inning to lead to an Atlanta victory next Monday when the Braves and Marlins play, that would be far more detrimental to actual standings than this.

But still. That sucks for Uggla.

*This is what happens to newspapers on tight deadlines. Reporters start writing frantically to tell the story, but when that story drastically changes late in a game, they're left pondering early retirement or suicide. Or where the closest bar is. Blogs don't have deadlines, so there are really no excuses for this post, except we wrote most of it -- we had a personal deadline (gotten attend to the girlie) -- during the bottom of the 10th before the NL escaped and didn't want to erase it. So we didn't. And this is what a post would look like had the AL won 4-3 in 10 innings. So there. Fuck yourselves for judging us.


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