Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Take that, Comiskey (sorry: U.S. Cellular Field)

We're totally on board with the NHL's somewhat-new gimmick of playing a New Year's Day game on an outdoor rink. Bring in the new year with hockey in 26-degree weather! Now that's living!

This year's Winter Classic (it's like the Fall Classic, only it's Winter and it's hockey, but still.) pits the defending-champion Detroit Red Wings against the Chicago Blackhawks. And they'll be playing the game on that field up above. They're going to put a freakin' hockey rink on Wrigley Field. Whaaaaaat?

The thought of a hockey game being played in The Friendly Confines is rather amusing. (They did, for the record, once play football on this field. We did not know that. Wikipedia did and we are better because of it.)

We can picture a dad with his 9-year-old son enjoying their first-ever trip to Wrigley, both wearing their Cubbie blue, donning ear-to-ear smiles and ready to buy some peanuts and hotdogs only to find out, wait, fuck, what sport is this?!

We're still waiting to see a baseball game played on a basketball court, but until then, January 1, 2009: Mark it down. Should be fun.

We'll set the over/under at 30% that they still sing "Take me out to the ballgame."


T Dizzle said...

This maybe the only game played in Wrigley Field after the end of September

GMoney said...

Hockey being played outside is almost as insane as basketball being played by women.

Anonymous said...

This maybe the only game played in Wrigley Field after the end of September

T Dizzle speaks the truth. Chisox and Phillies in the W.S.

Anonymous said...

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