Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Orioles could use Sunday as their day of rest

We have a long-standing joke in our family about split stats. They're obscure, random and often unexplainable: Ray Durham is a .277 career hitter but bats .284 in night games played on turf against left-handed pitchers in July. Better throw a righty at him until it's August!

But then there's this doozy of a number: The Baltimore Orioles have lost 14 consecutive Sunday games. The only Sunday matinee they've won was their first of the year (and they needed a three-run ninth to do it!). Baltimore is 45-48 and 10 games out in the AL East, so had they won just a few of those, they'd be right in it.

No real explanation for the O's Sunday woes, of course. Baltimore does have a wild nightlife, though we doubt Saturday-night fraternizing is responsible. But maybe Sunday is called the Lord's Day for a reason. Go to church already!

The Major-League record for consecutive losses on a specific day is 21. That was accomplished by both the 1939 St. Louis Browns and the 1890 Pittsburgh Innocents. And the infamous day was Tuesday. Turns out Tuesday in the late 19th and early 20th century was the Sabbath*.

*Statement not true


GMoney said...

Bunk Moreland and Jimmy McNulty are still diehard O's fans.

Anonymous said...

I'm diehard O's fan... I can't really give any explanation for this.

I wouldn't be surprised if we added this to our collection of dubious records (ie: Most consecutive losses to start a season).

Anonymous said...

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