Friday, July 20, 2007

In-person: the Home Run Derby

A wee bit late on this, but still, first-hand experience is sorta cool.

One of the very few perks about having Giants season tickets these days is that we had the strip to the All-Star game festivities. We sold the tickets to the actual All-Star game (covered nearly the cost of the season tickets!) and went to the Future's game last Sunday. We missed out on the Derby, but our bro and dad were there to soak it all in.

It was pretty much what we all expected: cool to be at the party, but the home-run hitting was pretty redundant. And no water shots. WTF?

We told our bro and dad to take pictures, pictures, pictures, and the ones here are three of many from the day.

McCovey Cove was packed like a bowl, the field looked great and Erin Andrews (bottom's like finding fucking Waldo) was there! Click each photo for a closer look.

We weren't really that upset about missing a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see grown men hit small balls awfully far, but it woulda been cool to be there and be part of the fun. And we would have liked to tell Erin that she's a fucking champion. She just doesn't know it yet.


The Beautiful Game said...

sweetness, i ain't a big baseball guy, but i like the derby

anyways, i hope your guys' summers are going well

they'll be plenty of work waiting for ya zach when you get back with the big boys

but i'll keep your seat warm while you're gone

rstiles said...

Isn't that Andrews in the white pants with her back toward the camera? looks like her tight ass...

Kasey Loessberg said...

Good idea selling the All-Star game tickets. That's a good payoff.

Kevin Hayward said...

What a disappointing season to have Giants season tickets. Pretty sad news when all playoff chances are gone by mid-June. At least you'll get to be there when Barry breaks the record, assuming he does it at home.