Friday, July 27, 2007

This is Jerame Tuman. Wait, no it's not!

The name Brian R. Jackson probably doesn’t sound too familiar to you; there’s no real reason it should.

But maybe Jerame Tuman registers. Or Ben Roethlisberger.

The latter two are both Steelers. Jackson, well, he’s just a guy from Pittsburgh who happens to sort of look like both players. So much so, it turns out, that he was able to convince a woman to loan him $3,200 while impersonating Tuman.
The woman told authorities a mutual friend introduced her to the man who said he was Tuman, and Jackson then convinced her to loan him the money over the course of a couple months in early 2006. Jackson was arrested after the woman sent a letter to Tuman through Steelers headquarters, asking for the money back, and Tuman turned the letter over to the head of Steelers security.
Jackson was also charged back in 2005 for impersonating Roethlisberger. He didn’t want money then, just to “meet and date women.”

We credit the guy for trying. We’re told we look like “Ross” from “Friends” quite often and nearly scored with a girl the other night by telling her she looked like “Rachel.”

As you might expect, this kind of behavior is frowned upon in the legal system, and Jackson’s going to the clink for a few months where he'll do his best Michael Vick impersonation.

Sports are just plain fun sometimes, aren’t they?

-Adam Landres-Schnur


Anonymous said...

How dumb are you if you can be convinced to loan money to a (supposed) NFL player?

Anonymous said...

I'm from Jerame Tuman's home town and have known him all his life. This guy looks NOTHING like Jerame!
This woman must be realy dumb to think an NFL player needs money from her!