Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bonds guessing game

When big records are close to falling, it's time to play meaningless games! (!!!!!!) Like, when will Bonds break the record? It could be September at this rate.

In the comments, your guesses for what date Barry will hit No. 756. Double kudos for guessing the pitcher. (Full schedule here).

Winner (or closest to actual date) gets a mediocre-to-bad handjob from NFL Adam.

(Another contest at the always-wonderful The Big Lead).


rstiles said...

I say Thursday, August 2nd at LA off of relief pitcher Broxton

GMoney said...

August 7th against the Nats off of....hmmmmm.....who the hell pitches for the Nats....Jason Bergmann?

Mookie said...

Has anyone considered, that he might not break the record? He could get a career ending injury at anytime. Anyway, I'll say August 21st against Chicago.

JMC said...

just for fun I'll say Aug 29 vs FLA. I'll say off Dontrelle, but I haven't checked their schedule so I don't know who'll be pitching for them that day.

In reality though I think it either happens in SD or in the first game against the Nats.

NFL Adam said...

It happens in LA.