Monday, July 02, 2007

Yanks' Scott Proctor has a fiery personality

And let the fun headlines begin: "Proctor is fired up!" "Yankees reliever burns down house." "Proctor is fucking awesome and loves to burn shit!" "Proctor burns equipment, has E.D."

The 30-year old right-hander has been struggling and thought that setting fire to his personal belongings would, ya know, prevent him from hanging more breaking balls.

From The FanHouse:
The Yankees turned up the heat a notch when the game ended. Scott Proctor threw all of his equipment out of the dugout and onto the field. He then proceeded to light it on fire for a little post-game bonfire!
We once burned some ants. We were young. Stupid. Didn't appreciate the preciousness of life, whether human or, ugh, ant.

But burning inanimate objects is awesome. No other way about it. Next time Proctor's 3-2 pitch paints the outside corner and he doesn't get the call, we expect him to burn home plate. Or the umpire. But probably home plate.


Mookie said...

For those of you wondering why TBP is posting at 3:35 in the morning, they are not. Zach and I both live in the Seattle Area, and unless he moved out, this is pure lying.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

NFL Adam said...

Come on, he has to get it out, like a paper.

rstiles said...

Coming from a Yankees fan - SCOTT PROCTOR SUCKS!!

GMoney said...

I'm a Yankees fan hiding in shame and also like Proctor. He's the best reliever on the team yet Torre asks him to get 5-6 outs EVERYDAY.

Oh, and Scott Proctor is flaming mad.

Rebecca said...

This story made my day..along with Cynthia's choice of game day fashion.

T. Leach said...

He forgot to set fire to the other thing not working. His right arm.